west 4 tattoo

After years of wanting it I finally got my tattoo! I had always said I’d get my first one at Insta-famous West 4 Tattoo in the Greenwich Village/Soho area – where everyone from the Kardashians to my favorite bloggers have gone. I love the clean and tiny line work they do + was so happy to have Tony do my work – it was exactly what I had in mind.

The flowers represent the two states I’ve spent most of my life in – Ohio and South Carolina – and when I move to another state (cough cough Tennessee) I want to add another stem + make a lil bouquet out of it. I get attached to places really easily. It’s so easy to get caught up in where you’re going and forget where you came from, so this is my little reminder to always stay rooted.

I was so nervous about getting a tattoo (for literally 5 years) cause I’m a baby and hate needles but it only took like 20 minutes and it was totally fine hahah. And then I got myself a green juice mimosa and vegan cookie as a reward.

It’s still healing so I’ll post more photos when it’s done! Seriously if any of you are looking to get a tattoo in NYC – go to Tony!!!


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