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For all of you who are still on a high from your ny resolutions about getting healthier — here’s an easy way to. If you’ve read my blog before, you know I love my supplements + vitamins. It’s such an easy step to add to your morning routine + can make a huge difference in your life – short term and long term. It’s so essential to take of yourself from the inside out.

I’m so excited to be partnering with care/of. care/of is a subscription service that sends you personalized packs of clean vitamins & supplements with high quality ingredients. These are p e r f e c t for someone like me who is always traveling – plus they’re cute. My friends are always laughing at me when I unpack and pull out my 14 vitamin bottles I bring .. packing will be a little easier now that I have most of my essential vitamins in one pack.

You take a quiz and then get your results on what they recommend for your body. Here’s mine:

rhidola – promotes mental energy + focus, supports a healthy response to stress (3 things i need every day)

veggie omega – helps maintain cognitive health, vegan source of omega-3s

probiotic bled – helps regulate digestive system + gut health

iron – essential mineral for energy and cognitive health (v iron deficient so i’ve been taking these for a while now)

vitamin b12 – vegetarians have a higer risk of deficiency. also helps mental health

magnesium – helps relieve sleeplessness (caffeine and alcohol consumption depletes magnesium so pretty sure we’re all deficient here lol)

milk thistle – powerful antioxidant that supports healthy liver function

tumeric – an herb that helps create balance and offset inflammation

s. boulardii – restores gut health balance

astaxanthin – antioxidant for brain/heart/skin health

Use the code FLYNN25 for 25% off your order here.

(FTC: Received product in exchange for post but all opinions are my own.)

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