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happy 2019!! i can’t believe i’m making this post and that it’s that time of the year again. i spent most of my time in 2018 on the road – and while i love traveling all the time, it can get really difficult to exercise (especially on tour when you’re stuck in a car most of the day) and stick with a routine. one of my resolutions is to try and start incorporating visits to yoga/mediation places on my trips and on tour.

one of the best things about being home in Charleston is being able to get back into my routine and going to my home studio, Studio 33.

Jacket: (got at Studio 33!!) | Leggings: Lululemon | Shoes: Asos | Bag: Chanel

yoga makes me feel so much better mentally and physically.



  • relaxation
  • stress management
  • mental clarity
  • anxiety relief 

i spend most of my days on my phone constantly and always thinking of the next thing I should be doing or stressing about something that hasn’t happened yet. i also struggle with mental clarity and brain fog, and yoga is proven to help both of those things. i remember taking my first power yoga class my freshman year of college. back then i was anxious a lot – starting new classes and i was in a long distance relationship that made me worry about checking my phone 24/7. i remember having a feeling of peace not being able to check my phone or worry about getting schoolwork done and focus on myself for an hour – and i was hooked!!


  • increased flexibility
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • improved respiration, energy and vitality
  • weight loss
  • cardio and circulatory health

Studio 33 offers various types of yoga, so there’s something for every level. my favorites:

Power (fluid and active style of yoga, and connects each movement with breath.)

Gentle (slow paced, incorporating breathing and props such as blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters to deepen stretches),

Yin (extremely slow paced, holding poses for over a minute to target soreness and loosen up)

AromaFlow (dynamic sequence of poses matched with breath, paired with aromatherapy in order to further open the senses.)

They also offer pilates + barre if that’s more your thing. Studio 33 always has really fun workshops monthly – my personal favorites are CBD yoga and Soundbath Meditation yoga (stayed tuned for a post coming on both of those topics soon!!)

come hang out with me this new year at Studio 33! drop in classes are $25/class + you can get unlimited classes for $150/month or $129/month if you set up autopay online.

also, if you want to at least look like you’re following your resolution – they have the cutest boutique of high-end activewear – so obsessed! perfect pieces to throw together a minimal athleisure look that is so popular right now.

best of luck to everyone this new year on their resolutions!!


FTC: Received classes in exchange for post. All opinions are my own.

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