one year

One year ago I launched this website! I never would have expected to still be doing it, or that even turned into a “job” of some sort.  A little background . . .

I had been in the process of debating making it for about two months. I remember sitting in Barista Parlor in Nashville by myself and feeling inspired and starting to design the website. I bought my domain, butI still let it sit there for about a month and didn’t post about it. Around the same time a year ago, I was in a weird place (see this post) . I felt super lost and didn’t really know who I was anymore. I’ve always been in love with photography and Instagram, and from that stemmed the idea to start a blog but kept making excuses not to do it – I’m not interesting enough, I don’t think anyone will read it, I don’t know how to do it, etc, etc. I mentioned to someone I was close to at the time that I wanted to start a blog and they made a comment that it was a waste of time, and I believed them.

Then I was like actually, screw that, I’m going to try this anyway, who cares, I can always delete it. Whatever.

Because of this little website I’ve met and worked with some of the most amazing people – other bloggers, companies, photographers, and even some of my favorite brands. I’ve also gotten to help quite a few people start their own blog – which is soooo exciting!!! I’ve had an overwhelming amount of people tell me not only that they read my blog but also that they like it/it inspired them/it helped them in someway which makes my heart so happy.

One of my favorite things is checking my analytics and seeing all of the different cities, countries, and even continents that people read from. Some places are so crazy to me (@ whoever is in Tailand, Korea, Belize, South Africa…. what!? hi!!)

I’m still learning a ton. I still haven’t found exactly what I want to focus on posting about… I’m not a typical “fashion” blogger or “street style” blogger, I prefer to be writing about music and mental health instead of the newest bag I bought, I don’t post as consistently like other “bloggers” do and I don’t always have ideas to post about and sometimes I go on trips and don’t make posts about them and sometimes I want to just post iPhone photos instead of high quality images… all which makes me feel like I’m not doing it right or good enough. BUT I started this as a creative outlet and anytime I start to get stressed about it, I realize it doesn’t need to be stressful and it’s supposed to be a fun thing!

Shirt: UO | Skirt: Uniqulo | Hat: Free People  | Necklaces: UO

Photos: Nicole Mickle

So, yeah. That’s how we got here. If you’re looking for a sign to start your own blog or creative something or business – DO IT!!! You have no reason not to! Find your passion and cling to it.

Thank you to everyone who I know and the rest of you that I don’t who have supported me and I’m currently re-coding my website and doing a design overhaul so look out for that soon. ALSO I really want to change my blog name from my actual name to something else so maybe look out for that soon. New year new me??



  1. How exciting!! Congratulations on one whole year of blogging. That’s an awesome accomplishment! I really love your blog, and this post is fabulous. (Loved these photos too!) Here’s to many more years of blogging! 🙂

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