moving to Stockholm

Ok, moving might be a little too extreme of a word BUT surprise!!! Sweden is my home for the next month while I’m studying music business/songwriting/recording/ producing here!!

I’m in love with this place already for so many reasons! A few:

It’s completely light for about 20 hours of the day. Summer in Sweden means daylight most of the time (unlike in the winter when it’s completely dark for 20 hours of the day) and it being always light it makes sleep almost feel unnecessary. Imagine everyone stumbling home from a club at 4 am but in broad daylight… not a pretty sight. Our rule for going out here is that “we’ll leave the club when it gets dark” but… since it never gets dark……….

The people. Everyone here is so kind and so welcoming! And also flawless looking. I have not seen one ugly person yet. Hellooooooo Swedish boys.

My favorite part….. FIKA. Fika [fee:kah] translates into “taking a coffee break to indulge in the ritual of conversation, often accompanied by something sweet or savory. Having a daily FIKA is a way of life in Sweden and an important part of the culture. It offers a way of both relaxing and staying connected.” Definitely need to bring this concept back to the US.

Some of my favorite places + photos so far from Norrmalm, Galma Stan, and Södermalm –


Fikabaren – Everywhere I go I have to find my staple black and white coffee shop….. this one was my favorite.

Fabrique – So cute + perfect pastries for Fika! Also the coolest vintage store Beyond Retro was across the street.


Sky Bar – Prettiest view in Stockholm so far. Located at the top of the Raddison Blu hotel.

Sturecompagniet – If you only have one night to party in Stockholm, come here. One of Sweden’s most pretentious/expensive nightclubs with 8 different rooms.

V**** and The Wall –  Apparently you have to make reservations (which are invite only?) to enter, but I somehow ended up inside both.  I don’t remember how. But I remember it was lit.

This city seriously feels like a dream.

Going to spend the week in Örebrö then back to Stockholm for the weekend! I have so many more photos to post so I’ll try and make another post soon.

Jacket: All Saints | Bag: Gucci | Dress: All Saints | Shoes: Vince

Adjö for now!

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