i’m back (+ where i’ve been)

oh hey. that’s a thing. kind of forgot i had a blog for a second.

since my last post (january lol!) life has been a literal amazing dream – traveled Stockholm and Rome and Copenhagen and London, spent 2 weeks attending NYFW, working hard on current projects + secured some new projects for the rest of this year, CFW, and then went on a southeast tour with Whitehall!!

while in Europe I felt pressured to make sure I get blog posts up before I moved to the next country (which led to me being on my computer instead of exploring Scandinavia like what why would I do that to myself) or make sure I had all my Europe posts done before NYFW…. I kind of lost interest in blogging for a bit because I found myself getting too caught up in making sure I had good ~blog content~ instead of just enjoying whatever I was doing. which just adds unnecessary pressure. yes, I do receive compensation from blog posts, but I’ve always wanted this to be a space where I post because I want to and not because I feel like I have to. Just wanted to say it’s TOTALLY OKAY to be uninspired sometimes and not feel like being creative. Everyone has off days/weeks/months. Just remember to work at a pace that’s comfortable for you!

I got home from Europe, spent two amazing weeks in NYFW, and then I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a time to catch up on posts. I work in music business, social media, and photo — sooo most all of my work is done on the computer, and by the end of the day, I’m ready to unplug from technology and the last thing I want to do is edit photos and write about myself. managing other peoples’ music and social media lives means I have to put theirs before my own as well.

BUT I think I’m finally at a good place to get back and get started again. especially because I’m about to have a lot of new adventures. plus I have so many old adventures to post – this year has been an absolute crazy unreal dream so far and I can’t wait to share. I haven’t been on Instagram much lately either but definitely check that out to stay more up to date with what I’m doin!!

Dress: Lovers + Friends | Bag: Gucci | Sunglasses: SEE Eyewear

I guess I’ll start making posts from Europe now…?? thanks for reading and sticking around.


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