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If you know me or you follow my Instagram, you probably know that I am obsessed with all things Disney. Especially going to Disney. I think my annual pass to Disney World is literally my prize possession… everything there is just so happy and it’s the perfect getaway from real life whenever I need one!

My Disney essentials are a good pair of sneakers, an iced coffee (I swear Starbucks in Disney seriously tastes better than the normal ones do. Plus they write Princess Taylor on the cup. My favorite.), Minnie ears (duh), and some Disney jewelry.

Lillian & Co. reached out about working together + of course I said yes. (FTC note: I was provided with items in exchange for post but all opinions stated are my own.) 

These bracelets are so classic and have so many cute Disney quotes to choose from. Mine say “have courage and be kind” from Cinderella and “go live your dream” from Tangled. My two favorite Disney quotes ever. Now in bracelet form. MAGIC.

Check out Lillian & Co. and use my code “dream” for a 10% discount!

Every time I go to Disney I always think about doing a WDW travel guide or guide to my favorite things at Disney so maybe when I’m back in a few weeks I’ll work on that!


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  2. I love Disney! It’s perfect fun, especially the Food and Wine Festival, or FWF as we say in the industry. IMO check the post, looks like a bot or some sort of hack.

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