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As much fun as traveling most of the time is, it does start to take a toll on your body after awhile… The past month I’ve been in LA, Nashville, Raleigh, Dallas, Austin, and NYC (travel diaries coming soon!!)  – but I’m finally home in Charleston (for a week and a half!) and love getting back into a healthy routine. Traveling is always full of staying up too late, drinking, eating worse than usual… definitely need a post-traveling detox.

Here are some of my favorite ways to detox from the inside out and target post-travel problems . . .


If you’ve read my blog before, you already know I am obsessed with HUM! They have supplements for literally anything you can think of AND come in the cutest packaging that fits perfect in a carry-on.

Wing Man is a supplement for liver detox and undereye bags — two things that can definitely get the best of you when you’re traveling (and sometimes when you’re not, especially on weekends in Charleston…) Milk thistle is said to detoxify and protect the liver and strengthen the spleen and gallbladder. Wing Man also helps reduce puffiness, which you can get from drinking and travel.

Even though I try to eat as healthy as possible when I travel, sometimes the unhealthy food is just too hard to pass up, especially if you’re going to a new place! Restaurants also cook with more salt and oils on their food, which mixed with drinking and flying will leave you more bloated when you return from your trip – and no one likes coming back from a trip regretting what they ate and drank! I love using HUM’s Flatter Me to combat this! Studies have linked digestive enzyme blends with easing indigestion and reducing related issues, like bloating and fullness.

My skin gets really stressed out from traveling and stress in general. I swear by HUM’s Daily Cleanse – even when I’m not traveling – and I’m so glad my friends at HUM have kept me stocked up! I also get a ton of questions about this one whenever I post it on my story – if you’re new to supplements, start with this one.

Long days spent in airports always have me exhausted when I come home. Being vegatarian I struggle with getting enough nutrients to keep my energy levels up – which is why I love Uber Energy. It promotes energy through adrenal strength.

If taking vitamins isn’t your thing, HUM also has a superfood powder! You get your daily raw greens, as well as antioxidants + adaptogens for energy + enzymes + probiotics + fiber. AND it tastes like a gingersnap.I love bringing some with me when I travel and adding it to smoothies. If you struggle with these post-travel issues as much as I do try any of these supplements and see if you feel better! Take this quiz + get your own personal line-up of what you should be taking (and you get $10 off when you take it!!!).


If you’ve read my blog for a while, you’ve definitely seen me talk about Glossier products. While my favorite product of theirs is the Super Pure Serum (serious lifechanger), a close second is the Super Bounce serum. It helps your skin get back the glow it may have lost from traveling and being exposed to a different climate than your skin is used to. I loooove putting this on my face while I’m flying to keep my skin hydrated. (ps here’s 10% off!)

I also have been obsessed with this Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Balm from Pharmacy. It really gets your skin feeling clean and melts off all of the makeup that’s been building up.


There is nothing worse than coming home to a dirty apartment! The day I get back I always reorganize my desk and to-do lists for the week and it always helps bring my mind back to being back in town. Another thing that always helps me feel refreshed is getting new candles (current fav here) or oils for my diffuser.

I’m going to spend this next week resting up and detoxing before Christmas and Disney, Ohio, Chicago, New Hampshire, NYC… and Stockholm!! So thankful for my HUM family for keeping me stocked up on all of my favorite supplements because I’m definitely going to need them these next few months!

(FTC: Received product in exchange for post but all opinions are my own.)


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