cold in charleston

I can’t even believe I’m writing this but it SNOWED IN CHARLESTON. For the first time since 1989! And it was so beautiful! This city is so magical and seeing it this way was so special! Basically the entire city shut down – bridges, stores, even the airport (3 cancelled flights later…. but seeing the snow was worth it!) Growing up in Ohio this is normal for me and everything would go on as normal but this just doesn’t happen in Charleston!!

I am seriously awful at dressing for the weather. I’m always cold. I’m so glad I bought this leather jacket because I don’t have any heavy coats (but I just ordered 2 online after this haha) and it has a fur collar for extra warmth. These boots were also a good call because they’re shearling lined and sooooo warm but you still look like a badass.


Jeans: Topshop | Jacket: AllSaints (SALE!!) | Belt: Gucci | Shoes: AllSaints | Bag: Gucci

Currently sitting at the airport (cause it’s FINALLY OPEN) about to go on an adventure Already can’t wait to share posts – stay tuned!


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