airport x adidas

It’s currently 7:30 am and I’m way too early to the airport so wanted to share a quick outfit post. I love being comfy at the airport but also like to look somewhat put together – you never know who you’re going to see (still waiting for the flight where I just happen to sit next to a handsome guy who ends up being my soulmate…. anyway.)

I have been obsessed with these Adidas pants recently – they’re so comfy but still stylish. Colder weather is perfect for athleisure. Slip-ons are my favorite to wear to the airport because I like to take my shoes off during flights haha. Also have been obsessed with cropped hoodies recently because hoodies usually aren’t that flattering (on me anyway) but I find that these ones are!

Sweatshirt:  UO | Sweatpants: Adidas | Shoes: Vince 

I’m off to LA for the next week and a half so look out for some posts from there soon!

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